String of Bananas


The String of Bananas is a trailing succulent that is a cousin of the String of Pearls. It will add a unique touch to any room in your house. Native to Africa, this plant grows fast and becomes more and more beautiful with each day. The String of Bananas thrives in bright indirect light, so they do well near a window with a lot of natural light flowing in. This plant is also fairly easy to propagate! The string of Bananas will thrive in a hanging planter.

    Care Tips

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    How to take care of your String of Bananas


    To water your String of Bananas, soak the soil thoroughly then let the topsoil dry out completely before watering again. During winter months, water even more infrequently. The String of Bananas is fairly drought tolerant.


    The String of Bananas should be near a window where it gets a lot of indirect bright light. If you are keeping your String of Bananas outside, make sure it is in an area that gets a little shade during the day. Avoid direct afternoon sunlight during the summer.


    Like many succulents, the String of Bananas needs to be in a pot with good drainage holes.


    If you are going to keep your String of Bananas outside, make sure that it is in an environment where the temperature does not drop below 55 degrees F.


    The String of Bananas is toxic to pets.

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