Spider Plant Hawaiian


Give your indoor garden a classic tropical appeal with the Spider Plant “Hawaiian”! Its long extended thin leaves drape over itself elegantly while evoking pure magic in the atmosphere. The spider plant “Hawaiian” is typically grown in hanging baskets because of its gracefully arching leaves and stems that rise from its center foliage. With its size, you can place it in your bedroom, a living room, or kitchen and it will provide just the right amount of charm you need. 

    Care Tips

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    How to take care of your Spider Plant Hawaiian


    Water casually and be sure not to overwater.


    Can absorb medium and light sunlight with ease so near a window or on a desk would be a great spot for the Spider Plant “Hawaiian”.


    You can pot the Spider Plant with regular potting mix and the occasional fertilizer to see it really flourish.


    Around 70-90°F usually does great with the Spider Plant “Hawaiian”.


    Spider plants are non-toxic to pets.

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