Spider Plant Bonnie Variegated


Nothing beats the flamboyant appeal of our Spider Plant “Bonnie Variegated”. Wild-growing, thin-curled leaves with bright neon tones streaking down the center give the “Bonnie Varigated” a look of pure magic. This charming sensation always invokes a relaxing state. Place indoors or take it outside on your patio, porch, or deck!

    Care Tips

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    How to take care of your Spider Plant Bonnie Variegated


    Medium to indirect light works best with the Spider Plant “Bonnie Variegated”.


    The Spider Plant prefers moist well-drained soil so test its moisture level with your finger before determining whether it's time or not.


    Start with a good quality potting soil and add in light fertilizer over time to maintain its cunning nature.


    The ideal temperature is 50° to 80°F (10° to 27°C).


    This plant is pet friendly.

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