Snake Plant Silver Streak


This variety of Snake Plant features lush, dark green leaves with a mottled white pattern. The Silver Streak offers both beauty and function to your living space with its air purifying ability. Resilient and low maintenance, this plant also makes a great choice for beginner plant parents. Your plant will arrive in a 4" nursery pot

Care Tips

Being a plant parent can be hard...luckily we are here to help you every step of the way!

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How to take care of your Snake Plant Silver Streak


Water the Snake Plant Silver Streak sparingly about once every 2-3 weeks, taking care not to pour water into the center of the plant. Do not overwater.


Soilless potting mixtures work best with the Silver Streak and be sure to use a pot with sufficient drainage at the bottom.


The ideal temperature for the Silver Streak is 60°F - 80°F. If the foliage turns yellow, move the plant to a warmer location.


This plant is toxic to pets.

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