Braided Snake Plant


The Braided Sansevieria Cylindirca, is a variation of the classic Cylindirca Snake Plant. Instead of letting the cylindrical spears grow outward, they have been beautifully braided. The Sansevieria Cylindirca can withstand a variety of light conditions and doesn't need frequent watering. This low maintenance plant is great for beginners. The braided snake makes a perfect addition to any bedroom because it can withstand low-light and is an excellent air purifier. 

Your plant will come in a 4" or 2" pot.

    Care Tips

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    How to take care of your Braided Snake Plant


    Water your snake plant when the soil has dried out completely (usually 2-3 weeks).


    This plant does best in medium to bright indirect light, but it can also live in low light conditions.


    The snake plant prefers temperatures between 55 and 85 degrees.


    This plant is toxic to pets

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