Ripple Jade Succulent


The Ripple Jade Succulent is the perfect addition to any room. Blush pink tints cover the edges of the vertical standing leaves making this hardy plant a beautiful center piece. The rippled leaves will produce heads of white or pink star shaped flowers. Place the Ripple Jade Succulent in a bright sunny spot, but avoid direct light because the leaves will burn. Your plant will arrive in a. 4" nursery pot.

      Care Tips

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      How to take care of your Ripple Jade Succulent


      Water this plant once a week or once every two weeks depending on your environment. Make sure the soil completely dries out before watering the plant again.


      Place the Ripple Jade Succulent in bright indirect light.


      These plants do best in 65-75 F and humidity levels of 30%-50%.


      This plant is toxic to pets.

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