Peperomia Watermelon


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The Peperomia Watermelon (also known as the Peperomia agryeia and Watermelon Begonia) is considered a relatively rare plants and is known for its watermelon-like leaves. These beautiful leaves resemble a watermelon, however, the plant is not closely related to either watermelons or begonias. 

This easy to care for plant is native to tropical South America. During the spring and summer, it may develop tiny green flower spikes. This gorgeous foliage is a unique addition to any houseplant collection.

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    Care Tips

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    How to take care of your Peperomia Watermelon


    Water enough to make the soil slightly moist, however, make sure not to overwater and ensure you have proper drainage.


    This plant prefers bright indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight


    65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit


    Non-toxic to pets

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