Noot Bio-Organic Plant Food


Noot Bio-Organic Plant Food contains 18 organic ingredients with ancient strains of beneficial bacteria that keeps plants alive + thriving.

  • Plant nutrition made easy. Use each watering for no fuss fertilizing. Mix 1 tsp of Noot every 1/2 gallon of water. No PH-ing needed.
  • Get new growth faster for almost all houseplants: tropicals, succulents, ferns, palms, cactus, bonsai, calathea, orchids, anthuriums, monsteras, aroids, and even kitchen herbs.
  • A balanced, full microbial solution (NPK: 3/.2/3) that powers a symbiotic relationship between beneficial bacteria and plant roots for natural, long-lasting growth.
  • Make more plants yourself: perfect for the propagation of cuttings and nodes. Replace solution weekly for rapid root growth.
  • For use with: soil mixes, hydroponic watering systems, LECA, semi-hydro mediums, and aquaponic setups.
  • Pet safe. Child safe. Non-toxic. 100% Organic. No chemicals or artificial additives.

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