Succulent 'Kiwi'

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The Succulent Kiwi always brings a spark of uplifting and hopeful energy into a room! It’s short, charming stature and thick moisture-filled leaves with red trimmings capture all eyes for a graceful show. You can place the Succulent Kiwi on a tabletop, desk, nightstand, or counter and it will set off the real beauty of its surrounding space!

Care Tips

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How to take care of your Succulent 'Kiwi'


Water frequently from spring to fall about once a week and slowly cut it back the warmer it gets.


The Succulent Kiwi likes staying dormant over the summer and in the winter is where real growth occurs.


Well drained soil and regular potting mix will allow the Succulent Kiwi to grow with grace.


Around 65-75°F usually does great with the Succulent Kiwi.


This succulent is toxic to pets.

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