Hoya Obovata


If you have been looking for a vining plant, look no further than the Hoya Obovata. This plant is characterized by its round luscious oval leaves which grow on thin vines. The leaves are speckled with white and light pink dots across the surface. This plant makes a great hanging addition to any outdoor patio or inside your home. 


  • The Hoya Obovata is incredibly drought tolerant and requires a weekly watering every time the soil goes dry.
  • Hoya obovata likes a very well-drained potting mixed to let its roots fully extend. Add perlite to a succulent potting mix to see the best results.
  • You’ll need to feed the Hoya Obovata plant with sufficient liquid nutrients to see its leaves fully healthy and vibrant all year. 
  • Provide bright indirect light and do avoid darker conditions as this plant will need a brighter and more humid environment to survive.
  • This plant is pet-friendly 

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