Hoya Carnosa


Add a refreshing touch of green to your home with the Hoya Carnosa Plant. This plant is characterized by its slender vines covered with waxy, deep green leathery leaves. These plants are popular indoor options due to the ease of care. Once the Hoya Carnosa is fully matured (usually 5-7 years) they develop gorgeous white and pink flowers. The Hoya Carnosa is happiest in bright indirect light and warm humid temperatures.

Care Tips

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How to take care of your Hoya Carnosa


Water when soil is dry to the touch. Will require more water in the summer. They prefer humidity, so mist frequently.


Place the Hoya Carnosa near a window with bright indirect light.


Warmer temperatures seem to treat the Hoya Carnosa best.


This plant is non-toxic to pets.

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