No Sweat Bundle

$98.95 $129.95

Our "No Sweat Bundle" is for those of you who aren't as confident in your plant care skills...yet. This bundle comes with low-maintenance indoor plants that require minimal work, but are still a beautiful addition to any home. Each of the plants in the bundle have been chosen by our plant experts and can live in a variety of environments. You will receive four easy to care for plants in either 4" nursery pots or 6" nursery pots.

Plants that you will receive 

  • ZZ Plant
  • Snake Plant Laurentii
  • Split Leaf Monstera
  • Golden Pothos

You can learn more about the specific plants in your bundle and how to care for them on our bundle information page

*The plants that are included in our bundles are dependent on availability and can not be customized for each individual customer. Thank you!

This bundle ships for free!

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