Pre-order: Syngonium Pink Splash


The Pink Splash boasts beautiful green leaves that appear to be dipped in bright pink. Each plant has a unique pattern of color on its leaves. Originally hailing from tropical climates like Mexico and Ecuador, this plant enjoys medium to bright indirect light and moderate humidity.

*This plant is considered toxic to pets.
*Your plant will arrive in a 4" pot

*This is a pre-order listing. Plants will ship in June 2022.
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Care Tips

Being a plant parent can be hard...luckily we are here to help you every step of the way!

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How to take care of your Pre-order: Syngonium Pink Splash


Allow top 1-2 inches to dry out between waterings.


Choose a spot with moderate to bright indirect sunlight.


40-50% or higher is desirable.


This plant is considered toxic to pets.

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