Dieffenbachia - Tropic Snow

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The Dieffenbachia Tropic Snow also known as the Dumb Cane has large green leaves with white markings. The Dieffenbachia plant is characterized by its thick steps and large variegated leaves that fold outward. Since this is a tropical houseplant, it prefers humid environments and to be in a warm spot. Place your Dieffenbachia in a room that receives filtered light throughout the day. Your plant will arrive in a 6" nursery pot. 

Care Tips

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How to take care of your Dieffenbachia - Tropic Snow


Water when the top 1-2 inches of soil is dry.


The Dieffenbachia Tropic Snow prefers bright indirect light.


This plant prefers temperatures between 60 and 80 F and 60% humidity.


This plant is toxic to pets

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