Calathea Zebrina

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The Calathea Zebrina (Goeppertia zebrina) is a unique variant of the calathea. The vibrant green leaves have a strikingly beautiful pattern of light green stripes overlayed on a dark jade background. This delicate Southeastern Brazilian native will require a bit more attention and care than the average houseplant, however, if cared for properly it will reward you with breathtaking foliage that will stand out in your home.

Care Tips

Being a plant parent can be hard...luckily we are here to help you every step of the way!

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How to take care of your Calathea Zebrina


Make sure the soil stays wet, just as the top of the soil is starting to dry out you should add water. Avoid soggy soil and make sure to use filtered water or rainwater as tap can damage the plant.


Bright or medium indirect light

Temperature and Humidity

Keep in temperatures between 65 and 80 degrees F. Use well draining potting mix and ensure high humidity (>60%). This plant needs high humidity in order to thrive!


Non-toxic to pets

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