Calathea Beauty Star


The Calathea “Beauty Star” has elegantly shaped green leaves that are striped in pink, white, and silver. The long thin leaves leave you with a more traditional look that always leaves an impression wherever you place it. A purple toned underside of the leaves adds extra flair to the ornamental appeal of the “Beauty Star” making it a striking option.

    Care Tips

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    How to take care of your Calathea Beauty Star


    Calathea like moderately moist soil but will rot when too much moisture is present. Water approximately once a week. Make sure to use distilled water as the calathea is sensitive to chlorine and other chemicals often found in tap water.


    The “Beauty Star” will do best in a bright location with mostly indirect light.


    Its native home is humid so get your misters ready to spray them down every few days. Calathea need lots of humidity!


    Around 60-80°F usually does great with the Calathea “Beauty Star”


    Non-toxic, pet-friendly!

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