Bromeliad Cyanea - Pink Quill

The Bromeliad Cyanea has small long green leaves with a unique bloom. These bromeliads prefer medium to low light and warm, humid environments. This perennial plant is native to South America and one of the more unique bromeliads grown as a houseplant. This plant is super easy to take care of and will brighten up your living area year round.Your Bromeliad will come in a four inch pot.

Care Tips

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How to take care of your Bromeliad Cyanea - Pink Quill


The best way to water this plant is through a light misting. You can give the Pink Quill a good drink every 1-2 weeks.


The Pink Quill Bromeliad prefers bright indirect light. So, they are best suited for a western or eastern window.


70-90 degrees. Bromeliads are used to humid environments, so keep a humidifier near them or mist them daily.


Non-toxic for pets and humans.

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