Artist of the Month - Astrology Propagation Jars: Cancer


Meet Lauren, the creator behind Golden Vibe Gifts— a woman-owned business that repurposes vintage, thrifted, and secondhand materials to create one-of-a-kind sun-catcher propagation jars and plant hangers

Inspired by a need for a stylish and aesthetic means to propagate houseplants, Lauren decided to source nearly all of Golden Vibe Gifts’ materials from local thrift stores and antique malls, rather than buying new, as a means to reduce waste and give new life to old, unwanted items.

Each Golden Vibe Gifts Sun-catcher Propagation Jar is meticulously handcrafted with detail and care to ensure that your plants have a stunning and unique home to take root— that also matches your personal golden vibe! When she’s not up-cycling items into sun-catchers, Lauren enjoys taking care of her houseplants, hiking and camping, and spending time with her partner and two fur babies Grover and Sampson! 

You will receive a gold or silver propagation jar with the cancer astrology symbol. This item ships for FREE.

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