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Artist of the Month - Labradorite Necklace


Our artist of the month for July is Natalie who owns YAMS (You are My Sunshine) Jewelry. She creates beautiful jewelry out of crystals and gemstones through the process of electroforming. Natalie's Labradorite necklaces are beautiful pendants made from the precious gem, Labradorite. The healing properties of this crystal are all about tapping into your creativity and connecting with the higher consciousness. Each of her pieces is unique, so there will be slight size and shape differences.

Natalie's Story

When I was a little girl, I would find rocks in our driveway that had shiny bits in them (mica). I would then take them to my favorite tree that forked at just the right height (for a 4-year-old). I would entertain myself for hours, as that became my "drive-through jewelry shop" for imaginary customers. I was fortunate to have the right people around me at a very young age who introduced me to geodes, art, crafts, sewing, and oil painting. I’ve been working with stones and creating ever since. I started making jewelry 28 years ago. For many years, I would gift my pieces to family and really, anyone who commented on how much a piece appealed to them. In 2016, I taught myself the art medium I currently use in my jewelry line, electroforming. I use ethically sourced, genuine gemstones in my designs. I source these stones from around the world and personally select each one based on its uniqueness, energy, and individual beauty. Check out more of her beautiful pieces here

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