Aquatic Anubias Golden Coin


Get your aquarium ready for some premium foliage with the Aquatic Anubias Golden Coin! The Anubias Golden Coin is a small low maintenance aquarium plant that doesn’t ask much of you. This variety grows beautiful round-shaped leaves in a dark green tone that you can place around your living space or in an aquarium. It requires low light levels and is very resilient making it a great option for all year decor.

    Care Tips

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    How to take care of your Aquatic Anubias Golden Coin


    Requires a light watering schedule but don’t let the soil get too dry.


    Undemanding plant that requires little light to grow its lush round leaves.


    This is a tropical plant so it loves the humidity! Try not to let it get too dry or let the soil clump together. Ideal humidity: 40-80%.

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