Alocasia Amazonica Bambino

This Alocasia Amazonica is commonly known as the Bambino. Its unique leaves are narrow and arrowhead-shaped with pronounced white veins. The backsides of the leaves are lovely burgundy hue. The Alocasia Amazonica is beautiful, but take note that it does require some extra attention to keep it healthy. It requires bright, indirect sunlight as well as soil that is constantly moist from watering. This plant is very sensitive to cold and toxic to pets.

*Your plant will come in a 4" nursery pot.

Care Tips

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How to take care of your Alocasia Amazonica Bambino


This plant prefers constantly moist soil, but take care not to over water.


Choose a spot with bright indirect light.


This plant is very sensitive to cold, so take special care to keep it at an even temperature year round.


This plant is toxic to pets.

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