10" Split Leaf Monstera


The Split Leaf Monstera deliciosa is a large popular easy- care houseplant. These plants have large, leathery, heart-shaped leaves that as the plant matures, will develop splits from the leaf edge to the center vein called cuts. These cuts will begin to appear as the plant matures.  

It is not uncommon to find pictures of the monstera framed on walls, engraved on glass doors, or even painted on pillows and bedcovers. Also known as the split-leaf philodendron, Swiss cheese plant, and Mexican breadfruit, it is native to Central American rainforests. The plant hails from the arum family like the ZZ plant and peace lilies. Lovers of the plant like it for its broad green leaves that can measure two feet in size. They also cite excellent air-purifying capabilities as one of the fundamental reasons to keep a Monstera deliciosa.

Our 10" Monstera is roughly 3 feet tall and comes in a 10" pot

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