Monstera Split-Leaf

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The Split Leaf Monstera deliciosa is a popular and easy-care houseplant. These plants have large, leathery, heart-shaped leaves that develop splits from the leaf edges to the center veins called "cuts." In nature, the Monstera deliciosa is a climbing vine that can grow to be 70 feet tall, growing high into the rainforest canopy. The cuts that develop in the leaves allow the wind to pass through the large leaves without tearing them. In addition to being a gorgeous addition to your space, this plant is also known for its excellent air-purifying capabilities.

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    Care Tips

    Being a plant parent can be hard...luckily we are here to help you every step of the way!

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    How to take care of your Monstera Split-Leaf


    Allow the top inch of soil to dry out between watering, water thoroughly. Plants that dry out too much will grow much slower than ones that are watered properly.


    The Monstera Deliciosa prefers bright, indirect sunlight in the spring and summer and direct sunlight in the fall and winter. If the leaves start turning yellow, your plant is getting too much sun. If the plant doesn't get enough sunlight, then the leaves will not develop the perforations in the leaves that it is known for.


    The Monstera deliciosa will not do well in temperatures below 50 degrees F

    Potting Tips

    Plant your Monstera in a fairly large container and repot frequently to promote optimal growth. If cared for properly and given the room to grow, these plants can get quite large fairly fast!


    This plant is toxic to pets.

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