Peperomia Rosso

The Peperomia Rosso, also known as the Peperomia 'Eden Rosso' and Peperomia caperata 'Rosso,' is an eye-catching houseplant. Its leaves have a stunning red underside that always attracts attention. It has both female and male flowers on the same spike, so it will bloom for you! Growing a Peperomia Rosso indoors is ideal, because it grows slowly and thrives in low light and cramped spaces - and can bloom with under 12 hours of daylight! It’s also an excellent air purifier. It is fairly easy to propagate this plant as well. The Peperomia Rosso is a fairly slow grower and won't grow into a large plant, it should stay around the same size, making it an excellent indoor plant.

Care Tips

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How to take care of your Peperomia Rosso


Water your Peperomia every 7-10 days. When the top 2-3 inches of soil are dry, give this plant a good soak.


This plant can survive a variety of lighting conditions, but does best in bright indirect light.


This plant prefers temperatures between 60-80 degrees and standard household humidity.


This plant is non-toxic to pets

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