Ficus Lyrata Fiddle Leaf Fig


The Ficus Lyrata also known as the Fiddle Leaf Fig is a beautiful plant with a modern look. It has a skinny trunk and large, vibrant green leaves that have a leathery texture. The Ficus Lyrata is native to the tropical parts of Africa, so it prefers a warm and humid environment. This is a great plant for beginners, because it is a hardy plant that can withstand less watering and can survive in a variety of lighting conditions. Once you place your Fiddle Leaf Fig somewhere, you should let it be because they can get a little finicky if moved around too much.

The 4" variant is actually a Ficus Lyrata 'Little Bambino', also known as the Dwarf Fiddle Leaf Fig. The 6" variant is a regular Ficus Lyrata, and is 15 to 18 inches tall already! The 10" diameter pot variant is also a regular Ficus Lyrata that is already approximately 48 inches tall. The 10" variant includes the cost of shipping in the price you see.

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Care Tips

Being a plant parent can be hard...luckily we are here to help you every step of the way!

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How to take care of your Ficus Lyrata Fiddle Leaf Fig


Water your ficus when the top inch of soil is dried out. It is best to water with room temperature water. Make sure your pot has good drainage as well.


The Ficus Lyrata is a Medium Light Plant. It will do best in indirect sunlight. Near a window or skylight would be perfect. Just make sure that you avoid exposing your Ficus to direct sunlight as it could kill the plant. We also recommend rotating your ficus occasionally for optimal growth.


Ensure that your ficus is in an environment where the temperature is between 55 and 85 degrees F.

Potting Tips

We recommend repotting once a year. Make sure the new pot is slightly larger each year so your ficus can grow to its potential!


Fertilize your ficus twice a year for optimal growth (although this is not required).


Keep away pets as this plant is toxic if consumed

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