Aralia Fabian Stump - Polyscias Scutellaria


The Fabian Stump, or Polyscias scutellaria, is a species of evergreen shrub. It features dark green leaves on a strong, woody trunk. Originally from the tropical Pacific Islands, this plant thrives indoors and outdoors in warmer climates. Also used as Bonsai, this tree-like shrub can grow vertically up to 8 feet! 

*Your plant will arrive in a 4 or 6 inch nursery pot.

Care Tips

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How to take care of your Aralia Fabian Stump - Polyscias Scutellaria


Use filtered, room temperature water once the first two inches of soil are dry.


Choose a spot with bright, indirect light.


A higher level of humidity will help the Aralia Fabian thrive.


This plant is considered toxic to pets.

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