ZZ Plant Bundle

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The ZZ Plant Bundle is the perfect bundle for ZZ lovers or anyone looking to add a pair of these unique exotic plants to their home. The ZZ Plant, also known as the Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, is the perfect house plant. It can handle a variety of environments and is drought-tolerant, making it a great plant for offices and homes. This plant is extremely hardy, making it an excellent choice for beginning plant parents!
The ZZ Plant thrives in indirect to low light conditions and grows relatively slowly, reaching a max height and width of 2-3 feet. If you thought this plant couldn't be any more perfect for your home, it also made NASA's list of top air purifying plants.! The one drawback of the ZZ plant is that it is poisonous when consumed, so it needs to be kept away from kids and pets.
What's Included: 
  • A 6" ZZ Plant
  • A 4" ZZ Plant
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