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Our creator bundle has our four content creators favorite houseplants. The ZZ Plant, Ficus Ruby Pink (she is quite popular), and the Alocasia Reginula. Bring these three favorites home today with our creator bundle! 

What our creators have to say about each plant 

1. ZZ Plant - Tatiana:

 ZZ's are definitely #1 on my list, this plant grows so quickly, is low maintenance, and they truly can withstand anything from low light to forgetting to water it for a week. My care tip to anyone wanting to grab a ZZ plant, make sure to use some well draining soil with them, this plant does not like soggy soil and will definitely let you know ! To gain optimal growth, place it by a well lit window and it'll be good to go. ZZ's don't require too much !

2. Ficus Ruby Pink - Tallen & Kasey: 

It is my favorite plant because it gives unique variegation that awes anyone who sees it! Care tip: Rotate every watering cycle to achieve full, abundant growth! 

Don't water your Ficus Ruby Pink or any of your plants until the top 2 inches of soil is dry, and that might not match up with a regular watering schedule (ex once a week). One of the biggest reasons people kill their plants as beginners is overwatering.

3. Alocasia Reginula - Lexie:

My favorite plant, well it would have to be elephant ear plants in general since there's so many varieties and colors and shapes. When it comes to their flowers you can let them bloom or cut them off. Since it takes so much of the plants energy to care for the flower it slows the growth of the leaves

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