The Cellar Door Plants Bundle


This bundle contains our top four best selling plants. The Monstera Split Leaf, Ficus Lyrata, Philodendron Heartleaf, and the Janet Craig. This bundle is one of our best values and comes with FREE Shipping! If you are looking to add several unique plants to your home, this bundle is perfect. Whether you are a new plant parent or an experienced plant mother or father, this value bundle of our fan-favorites is a must have!

First up, the classic Monstera Split Leaf. This beautiful plant is popular and easy to care for. Monsteras have large leaves that develop splits from the leaf edges to the center veins that are absolutely stunning. The splits will develop as the plants matures. This fast-grower is known for its excellent air-purifying capabilities and is a must have for any plant parent! 

The Ficus Lyrata also known as the Fiddle Leaf Fig is a beautiful plant with a modern look. It has a skinny trunk and large, vibrant green leaves that have a leathery texture. The Ficus Lyrata is native to the tropical parts of Africa, so it prefers a warm and humid environment. This is a great plant for beginners, because it is a hardy plant that can withstand less watering and can survive in a variety of lighting conditions.

If you are looking for the most beginner-friendly plant to begin your green journey, the Philodendron Cordatum Heartleaf should be at the top of your list. This lovely long vine plant is a rare species to find and comes from Brazil near Rio De Janeiro. Its also known as the plant that’s harder to kill than keep alive! You’ll have tons of fun decorating your home with the bushy vine Philodendron Cordatum Heartleaf as it can be hung from a basket or placed alongside a window with shaded light.

The Dracaena 'Janet Craig' is an easy to care for plant that is native to tropical Africa. It will thrive on neglect and can grow well in medium to low light. It might be one of the hardiest houseplants you can buy! In addition, the Janet Craig is an excellent air purifier and was featured in NASA's list of the top air purifying houseplants. 

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