Tips on Watering for New Plant Parents

Watering can seem intimidating to new plant lovers – especially with the threat of root rot hanging over your head. No worries, though! Watering your plants is as easy as 1-2-3. Below are the general guidelines for watering any and all of your houseplants, but always remember to check the care for each species to make sure you have the right water needs in mind.


  1. The finger check. Gently poke a finger into the soil. If it is dry up to your knuckle, roughly 1 ½ - 2 inches, it is time to water! If the dirt clings to your finger and feels damp, wait a day or two before testing again.
  2. Water in a circular motion. This prevents you from creating a hole from the force of the water in one spot.
  3. Dump the excess water. Anything that pools in the tray under the pot should be dumped once the water has fully gone through the plant.

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