Three Products New Plant Parents NEED!

You know the feeling – you stumble upon a new-to-you plant, purchase it, give it a new home, then…don’t know how to keep it happy! Here are three products ALL new plant parents need to be successful.

  1. A moisture meter. Never worry about over or under-watering your plants again! This baby even works without batteries, so as soon as you get it out of the box you can start measuring your plants’ moisture levels.

  2. A plant mister. Is your fiddle leaf fig giving you issues? Maybe you live in an arid climate and your tropical plants aren’t as vibrant as they could be? A plant mister will help you add humidity to your plants’ environment – and looks downright stylish to boot!

  3. A watering squeeze bottle. If you are struggling to water your succulents without getting water all over their sensitive leaves, this is the perfect plant accessory. The bent nose allows you to reach the base of the plant’s stem much easier than a regular watering can. It is also great for watering terrariums and small plants! 

Go forth and happy houseplanting!

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