The Ultimate Plant Gift Guide

Give the gift of green this holiday season – and brighten up the homes and work spaces of your favorite people! Why should you gift plants? For starters, they are trendy, fun to take care of, and can even help clean the air in your home! Plus, with the handy Care Guides available on our website and the support found in our Facebook group, you have access to experienced plant parents and help in a pinch.

When you purchase from Cellar Door, you are not just supporting a small business, each of your orders is supporting reforestation efforts around the world through One Tree Planted. It’s a win-win – a plant for your home, and a tree for the Earth!

For the friend who LOVES Christmas…

  1. Fir Tree with Ornaments


For the experienced plant parent…

  1. Fiddle Leaf Fig
  2. The Jungle Bundle (monstera photo by Noelle Boyer)


For the pet parent…

  1. Pet-Safe Subscription Box
  2. Furry Friends Bundle


For the trendy friend…

  1. Coffee Plant
  2. Calathea bundle


For the low light dweller..

  1. Snake Plant Starlight
  2. No Sweat Bundle


For the artistic friend…

  1. String of Dolphins
  2. 7 Tillandsia Air Plant Variety Pack


For the friend in a studio apartment…

  1. Pothos ‘N’ Joy
  2. Pothos Satin

Important Shipping Announcement: To ensure your gifts arrive by Dec. 25th, you MUST place your orders by Dec. 10th


Don’t forget to tag us in your plant photos on Instagram @cellardplants and use #CellarDoorPlants so we can see your gorgeous babes! Happy plant picking!

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