How to Propagate Pothos and Philodendrons

Wanting to expand your plant collection or perhaps share some of your
favorite pothos and philodendrons? This is a simply step-by-step guide
teaching you how to master propagation of pothos and philodendrons.
1. Clean a pair of sharp scissors (hot water and soap, please!).
2. Pick a piece of stem that is 4-6” long, minimum. Check to see if there
are any existing nodes or aerial roots, as those will help establish your
plants better.
3. Remove the last set of leaves so you have a couple inches of stem. If
you have a shorter piece, this may mean that you only have one or two
leaves total. That is normal! If leaves are buried in dirt or submerged in
water, they will rot and can damage the integrity of the rest of the
4. Here you have two options: you can put your cuttings in water and let
them root for a few weeks, or place the cuttings with established roots
directly into soil.
5. Whichever route you choose to go, make sure you have multiple
cuttings so you can fill out your pot.
6. Once planted in dirt or floating in water, it will take 2-3 weeks for new
roots and leaves to sprout. Change the water every 3-5 days to keep
root rot from setting in.
7. Bonus tip: if you have one long cutting with multiple nodes, you can
bury each node and use an unraveled paper clip to hold it in place. Just
make sure to keep the leaves clear of dirt!
In just a few weeks, these plants will be shooting out new leaves and growing
stronger in their new homes. Don’t forget to tag us in your plant photos on
Instagram @cellardplants and use #CellarDoorPlants so we can see your
gorgeous babes!

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