How to Leave Your Plants on Vacation

Leaving your plants behind to go on a trip can be nerve-wracking and a little panic inducing. There are a few easy ways you can prepare for a trip – whether it is an extended one or a weekend getaway!


  1. Water before you leave. Give your plants a good soak and misting, but don’t drown them.
  2. For you plants that require more humidity, fill a tray with pebbles and water and place it under the plant. If more humidity is needed (looking at you, tropicals), fill some pots or bowls with water and leave them in sunny areas to evaporate and turn into moisture.
  3. Move all plants away from vents or drafty areas – and make sure nobody will get too much sun! Plan this based on the season so you have a better idea what the temperature and light issues will be.
  4. Put a fan on low to keep air circulating in your plant room(s), especially if you plan to leave your air off. This is risky for longer trips, as an unstable temperature can increase the likelihood of growing mold!
  5. Have a friend or neighbor check on your plant babes! To make this easier, separate your plants by their light and water needs and leave instructions for your friend – hey, we can’t all have green thumbs!
  6. Don’t panic. If you have a plant that is too dry or too damp when you come home, or you lose a few leaves, it’s ok. The wonderful thing about caring for plants is that they are – for the most part – quite resilient.


Bottom line: don’t let the worry set in! By and large, your plants will do just fine being left alone for two weeks. And don’t forget to tag us in your plant photos on Instagram @cellardplants and use #CellarDoorPlants so we can see your gorgeous babes! Happy planting!

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