Houseplants for Your Enneagram Type

TYPE ONE: The Reformer

Type Ones, known for their perfectionist tendencies, will benefit from caring for a rubber tree. Their thick, waxy leaves look pristine and require occasional dustings. In addition, they purify the air, meaning these plants are both attractive AND helpful. 

TYPE TWO: The Helper

Type Twos usually spend their time caring for others, so they need a plant that will care for them in return. The gold dust croton requires frequent misting, making it the perfect plant for Twos to practice mindfulness. 

TYPE THREE: The Achiever

Type Threes are textbook overachievers, so the striking calathea rattlesnake is a perfect match for them. They require a little extra attention, but when done correctly, their crinkly spotted leaves will make them stand out in a crowd.

TYPE FOUR: The Individualist

Artistic and unique Type Fours need a plant that matches their style, and there is none better than the bromeliad vriesa energy. The eye-catching coloring of these blooms will appeal to any Fours’ artsy side!

TYPE FIVE: The Investigator

The core desire of a Type Five is to be competent and dependable, and the black gold snake plant is just that. With its striking gold edges, it also appeals to those 5 wing 4s who want something a little bolder!  

TYPE SIX: The Loyalist

Sixes love dependable, hearty plants. Look no further than the golden pothos, which grows strong and adds a cozy touch to any living space. Plus they purify the air!

TYPE SEVEN: The Enthusiast

Sevens are known for their enthusiasm – hence their nickname “The Enthusiast – so they need plants that can tolerate being left when a Seven goes jaunting off on a spur-of-the-moment trip. With little requirements for water, these plants are low maintenance and good for any Seven!

TYPE EIGHT: The Challenger

Type Eights like to be in charge –  and the hypoestes combo ‘polka dot’ are the same way! Keep them misted and happy with regular watering to imitate their native home of Madacasgar! 

TYPE NINE: The Peacemaker

Type Nines need a strong, sturdy plant that will encourage relaxation and promote well-being. The Money Tree, with its recognizable foliage and notoriety for being a plant that brings abundance, is perfect for a Nine looking to add to their collection. 

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