Fertilizing Plants: A Primer

If you are interested in giving your plants an extra boost, fertilizing in the spring and summer is your best bet, as that is the normal growing period for plants. This is a guide to help you become a fertilizing pro in a few simple steps!

  1. Take stock of your plant! Take a few minutes to trim any dead or failing leaves from your plant, otherwise the plant will put excess energy into trying to revive dead and dying leaves instead of using that energy for new growth.
  2. Pull any leaves or detritus in the soil.
  3. Water the soil evenly – you should not fertilize dry soil! Allow the water to drain through the plant and pool in the tray or saucer below the plant. Toss the water when done draining. 
  4. Follow the directions on the fertilizer container for the right ratio of water to fertilizer. 
  5. Evenly apply fertilizer to the soil and pour until you see it begin to drain from the pot. 

Of course, depending on the type of fertilizer you pick, there may be other steps to follow (some allow you to water your plant as normal with the added fertilizer in it!). It is important to point out that fertilizer can burn or even kill a plant if the directions are not followed correctly. Like too much of a good thing, too much fertilizer can cause more harm than good. 

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