90s TV Characters as Plants: Frasier Edition

The 90s are now over twenty years in the past (for fellow elderly millennial types…this hurts a lot). But the 90s still have a visceral hold on the collective imagination.


Is it the fashions? Unfortunately, yes. The music? Thankfully, not as much. The movie and TV shows? Absolutely. That’s why we are introducing our new blog series – 90s TV characters as plants!


This week we are looking at everyone’s favorite sitcom about a radio psychiatrist and his zany antics, Frasier. Set in the coffee capital of the United States, Seattle, this show has captivated me since it premiered the year I was born – it is such a comfort watch!


  • Frasier Crane: calathea. The diva of all plants (and psychiatrists). 
    • "You've got a vulnerable woman and an unstable man in a gothic mansion on a rainy night! The only thing missing is someone shouting 'Heathcliff!' across the moors!"
  • Niles Crane: fiddle leaf fig. Niles is easily irritated and excessively picky. Sounds like a fickle leaf fig to us...
    • “Don’t you dare call me irrational! You know that makes me crazy!”
  • Marty Crane: haworthia succulent. He’s pokey on the outside, but those little spikes are just for show – they are not sharp at all!
    • "I used to think there was some sort of mix-up at the hospital when Frasier was born. Of course, when Niles came along, it shot that theory all to hell.”
  • Daphne Moon: star-shaped snake plant. She is unique, easy to love, and just a bit out there.
    • “I’m psychic!”
  • Roz: ZZ plant. Roz is easy-going, laid-back, and pretty much content to do her own thing while everyone else does theirs, making her the perfect low maintenance plant, the ZZ.
    • Roz: I don’t know how you live with him.
      Daphne: I don’t know how you work with him.
      Roz: Well, I have learned a trick. When he’s really bugging me, I ask him if he hasn’t lost a little weight. Before you know it, he’s checking his butt out in the glass of the candy machine.
  • Eddie: pothos. Eddie is universally beloved (except by Frasier and Niles…) and just makes you happy, same as pothos!
    • Best line? Literally any time he stares at Frasier.


Love Frasier! Still watch his shows. Love the analogy of the plants. Have them all except Calathea. Need to check that one out. Thanks for making me smile!

Deborah May 25, 2021

Hilarious and on point! Love it!

Lisa May 25, 2021

I love Frasier!! I wanted one of each plant but unfortunately all but “Frasier” (calathea) are toxic to pets. 😭

Rosemari February 07, 2021

Thanks for really brightening my frigid Sunday here in Chicago!

Ruth February 07, 2021

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