Nematanthus Candy Corn Care Guide

Nematanthus Candy Corn

This plant’s distinctive orange and yellow flower resembles the bulk candy by the same name. It is a part of the Cuphea genus of plants which contains over 250 perennials and semi-woody shrubs hailing from tropical and temperate regions.


The Candy Corn Plant experiences a period of growth from spring until early fall during which it prefers a soil that is evenly moist. During the winter however, it needs very little water to survive. Watering once or twice a month may be all the Candy Corn needs during the winter, but pay attention to signs of health. If your plant looks shriveled or wilted, these are indicators that it needs more water.

Light and Humidity

Candy Corn plants enjoy full sun from a west-facing or south window to produce the most blooms. It can grow in partial sun as well. Candy corns enjoy warm temperatures and will grow in both humid or dry climates.

Soil and fertilizer

Good drainage and adequate aeration are necessary for the Candy Corn to thrive. Using equal parts perlite, all-purpose potting soil and peat moss makes a good mixture for hanging baskets and containers. Clay soil is also acceptable. Avoid boggy or wet soils. Since the candy corn plant is so hearty, fertilizer isn’t necessary. However, they enjoy an inch of compost to boost growth.

Cleaning and pruning

You can prune your candy corn plant to keep it tidy and reign in its size as a houseplant.This will not reduce the amount of blooms it produces, since it can grow flowers all along each stem. Do a larger prune in late winter to help encourage new growth come springtime.


To propagate your candy corn plant, take softwood cuttings in the springtime. Make the cut approximately 4 inches from a stem that is not blooming. Place the cutting into moist potting soil. Choose a location with partial shade and keep the cutting constantly moist until it develops roots. This usually takes around 6 weeks.

Candy corn plants like to spread out, so hanging pots work well. If you choose to grow them upright, their vines will require support as they grow. This can be achieved through the use of trellises or stakes or letting them climb fences or other support structures.


Candy corn plants are hearty and beautiful. Make sure to watch your plant’s growth and prune to your desired size, as this variety can tend to grow quickly and spread out. Consider a hanging basket as a solution to size restrictions indoors.


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