Chinese Evergreen Care Guide

The Chinese Evergreen and its many varieties are one of the most recognizable plants used in offices and homes. They have beautiful light green leaves with dark green detailing, and look good pretty much anywhere you put them! Because their care and maintenance is so easy, they are perfect for new plant parents or someone looking to brighten their desk.


Chinese Evergreens do best with moderate watering, so try to find a happy balance between too much and too little. Allow the plant to dry out between waterings and it will be happy.

Light and temperature

These plants like low light and cannot tolerate being in direct light for any length of time without scorching or burning. Keep them in a steady temperature of 70-72 degrees while receiving moderate to low light. They even do well under office lighting!


They like a little extra humidity to keep them happy. Make sure to keep them away from any drafts, which can cause browned leaves.

Soil and fertilizer

Like most plants, you will see the best results for your Chinese Evergreen by potting them in well-draining soil. Fertilize them once or a twice a year in spring or summer with a regular houseplant fertilizer.

Cleaning and pruning

Remove dust by wiping them gently with a wet cloth. You can remove dead or dying leaves at the base of the stem without hurting the plant.


Propagating a Chinese Evergreen is super simple – just place a cutting in water and it will sprout roots in a few weeks. Be sure to change out the water every 2-3 days so it does not get cloudy.


Older plants will produce blooms, which you can cut off and save for the seeds. You can repot these every 18 months or so as they grow beyond the confines of their container.

Pests and Problems

It is essential to pay attention to possible mealybugs, spider mites, scale, and aphid attacks. Keep an eye out for these pests, as they can cause serious harm to your plant.


These plants are popular for their beauty, ease of care, and low light tolerance. The perfect gift for a new plant parent! Due to its flexibility with care, it is a very low maintenance addition to your own plant collection. They also do well in mixed pots with other plants for a unique look.

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